Did you guess our theme yet?

Our Bento Workshop this time will be Valentine’s Day Themed! Gifting a special someone chocolate may be the standard, but how about trying something new by giving a cute valentine themed Kyara-ben? This year, Amanda is excited to show you tips that will give that extra heart in your bento presentation.

Wait! What’s Kyara-ben? Quick reminder: Kyara-ben is short for Character Bento, the art of making cute, detailed box lunches that look like popular characters.

Everyone is welcome! Spread the word to all your JET Alumni Friends and Bento enthusiasts.

Find our Facebook Event Page and post in the discussion area if you have any questions for Amanda or about the event itself! Don’t have a question? Don’t worry. We will have time for some Q&A on the day of the event as well.

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We cannot wait to see you there!