The JET Alumni Association of British Columbia (JETAABC) is the British Columbia and Yukon chapter of the JETAA-International network, an alumni association created in 1989 to strengthen and maintain bonds between participants of the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme and Japan. The association currently has 52 chapters in 17 participating countries and areas, and over 60,000 members. All JET alumni members have worked for at least one year in Japan as an Assistant Language Teacher, Coordinator for International Relations, or Sports Exchange Advisor.

Through its activities, each local JETAA chapter aims to promote a broader and deeper understanding of Japan. Some chapter activities include assisting the embassy or consulate of Japan with JET Programme interviews and orientation, hosting career fairs and creating resource guides for returnees, and organizing Japan-related events.

In 2020, JETAABC was awarded the Consul General’s Commendation. JETAABC was recognized for contributing to the enhancement of friendly relations between Japan and Canada, while promoting appreciation for and understanding of Japan, especially among young Canadians. At the award ceremony, Consul General Hatori conveyed his respect and gratitude for JETAABC’s outstanding contributions over the years, and presented a Certificate of Commendation.