The 2021/22 Alumni Mentor Programme is a private list of JET alumni in BC who can provide insight into the current job market in their industry, give guidance to new/”old” returnees in their career transition, and maybe even speak on a JETAABC Careers Panel. Mentors/mentees will be connected via email. The programme runs from September 2021 to February 2022 with Mentee sign-ups coming very soon!

J-Link Canada is a public directory hosted on the JETAABC website and will include profiles of JET alumni – including their background, expertise, an optional headshot, and a way to connect. The Directory will be a resource for alumni to explore various industries and organizations, and connect with someone from the JET community who knows all about it! See the PNW J-Link Directory to see it in action.

Sign up [Note: link updated] now to be part of the JET Alumni Mentor Programme, J-Link Canada, or both! Registration closes Thursday, September 30th. Questions? Contact us at