Thank you to everyone who joined us for our first origami workshop. It was a cloudy day out so it ended up being a great day to do some indoor origami. With a small group of 6 attendees, everyone sat in a circle around the tables as each individual introduced themselves to get to know each other.

To break the ice, we started by sharing our interest and stories around origami. Our board member, Karmila, then proceeded to lead the group to some basic fold terms before showing step by step how to make one flower petal at a time. The original pattern required making 60 petals or 12 flowers but due to time constraints, the goal was for each person to make at least 1 or 2 completed flowers. Although everyone had different origami skills coming in, no one was behind and everyone was able to keep up easily.

As we were folding, people started to relax and got to know each other through sharing nostalgic stories about their time on JET and Japan. Before we knew it, each participant was able to complete the goal for the day.

Check out everyone’s creations below: