What is JETAABC J-Link?

As JET Programme alumni, we are always connected to each other via our JET experience. Many of our fellow JETs have gone on to do amazing things, and JETAABC J-Link was established as another way to further connect the JET community on a professional level, beyond JET.

This public directory provides an opportunity for JET alumni to explore various industries and organizations, and then connect with a fellow member of the JET community who has experience in the field. Within J-Link you will find profiles of alumni which includes their background, industry expertise, advice for new returnees, and a way to connect.

J-Link was originally created by PNWJETAA and has since expanded to a National J-Link Directory for US JETs. While J-Link is just starting out in Canada, we are looking to eventually grow this network across the country so that we can continue to provide resources and support for each other.

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Rachel Davidson

University Guidance Counsellor Collingwood School
West Vancouver British Columbia Canada Ishikari Hokkaido
Photo of Rachel Davidson

Biographical Info

Rachel is a university guidance counsellor who is thrilled to work at her own high school. She loves meeting with students individually, helping them shape their applications & personal statements, and pursue their passions. Prior to this position, Rachel completed her Masters in second language education at Cambridge, which allowed her to conduct surveys & interviews with students & teachers in her JET city!

Career advice for new returnees: Be specific on your resume: for example, how many students you taught, how you made strong bonds with various government workers and organizations in your town, and what you did outside of work time to engage with the community.

Categories: Counselling / Coaching / Mentorship, Graduate Studies (pursing higher education), Teaching (Elementary/High School), Teaching (Languages)