We at JETAABC have been saddened to learn about the recent acts of racism and violence against the Asian community. We denounce them and stand in solidarity with all our community members against all acts of anti-Asian racism, violence, and hate.

As alumni and friends of the JET Programme, we are reminded of the Programme’s mission to promote grassroots internationalization at the local level, establishing ties between peoples and creating mutual understanding. Let’s use our experience to encourage others to learn about those who are unfamiliar to them, and instead of fearing differences, celebrate them.

We express our support to everyone in our diverse alumni community, as well as our Japanese and JET community partners and friends around the world impacted by these acts of racism and discrimination. We stand with you.

We continue to strive to create events and activities that are safe and inclusive in order to strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding between Japan and Canada, and to build a supportive and welcoming alumni community environment.

Please feel free to reach out and engage with our community for support. We also would like to share the following resources:

JETAABC Board of Directors