The JETAABC Sempai Program is back! Tapping into the local knowledge of JET alumni, the Sempai Program is a “casual mentorship” initiative where new JETs are matched with JET alumni volunteers — based on the proximity of their JET placement cities — in order to provide the new JET with relevant local knowledge about their new home.

The Sempai Program complements the Pre-Departure Orientation with regionally-specific information, and helps the new JETs answer any questions that come up after the Orientation. Once a match has been found, the new JET is given the Sempai volunteer’s email address, and from there it is up to the new JET to decide when and how often they will contact the Sempai for advice. Due to the number of participants and the expanse of the region, we cannot guarantee a match, but we do appreciate as many volunteers as we can collect to offer the new JETs a match most relevant to their placement area. (And please, we need lots of volunteers from Shikoku!)

Interested in volunteering as a Sempai? Please sign up at:

Previous volunteers have already been sent a notification, and don’t need to sign up again. Questions, comments? Please email Thomas and Colleen at